Contract Forensic Expert


Forensic Expert is a person who is an expert in applying scientific, technical or medical knowledge to the purposes of law. A Contract Forensic Expert is an independent, experienced forensic expert who is engaged independently by a party or by an Organization (including the Govt.) for forensic analysis. Under the law, he is an expert witness who testifies or gives forensic related opinions at a dispute resolution trial or hearing by virtue of his/her specialized knowledge.

Services Offered

Generally, forensic analysis is carried out by Govt Labs employing forensic scientists and examiners who examine samples and cases on which the Police or other Govt bodies seek opinion. An expert opinion is distinct from a lay man’s opinion because of the scientific, technical, specialized training, or experience that an expert possesses. However, there also exist private, non-Government forensic examiners who provide services to individuals on matters requiring forensic opinion. Such a person/ organization undertakes a contractual agreement with a party seeking the opinion, and renders services on a wide range such as Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis, Signature Frauds and Forgery, Fingerprints Lifting and Verification, Forged Documents Examination, Paper/Document Age Analysis, Will, Deed, Medico Legal Consultation, etc.

The Consultancy services range from:

  • Questioned Document & Handwriting Analysis
  • Signature Frauds and Forgery
  • Property Document and Paper Examination & Verifications
  • Cyber Forensics
  • Cyber Crimes
  • Expert Testimony
  • Expert Consultation
  • Forensic Science Standardization
  • Forensics Certification


Statutory Provisions Concerned (Indian Kanoon)

  • 45, Indian Evidence Act
  • 10, Indian Contract Act


Landmark Judgments

  • Arshad v. State of A.P. 1996 CrLJ 2893
  • Gopal Reddy v. State of A.P. AIR 1996 SC 2184
  • Mani Ram v. State of U.P. 1994 Supp (2) SCC 289
  • Piara Singh v. State of Punjab AIR 1977 SC 2274

Do (s) and Don’t (s) to keep in mind:

  • Ensure the quality of the firm you are engaging, with respect to registration with Govt of India, Certifications, etc.
  • Make sure that the firm employs qualified and certified personnel only.
  • Before furnishing personal information, ensure that your confidentiality will be maintained.
  • Do not provide any sensitive information to any random pop-ups or unknown websites.
  • Talk to your lawyer to ensure the legal validity of the matter consulted on, if you intend it for legal purposes.
  • Always do extensive research before giving them relevant or personal information.

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